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    When you've made a purchase, tell us all about it. What did you buy? How did it fit? Have you worn it very much? Was the fabric any good? What did you like about it? Could it have been better? Would you recommend it to others?

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    Topman Super-Spray on skinny jeans!

    I have been wearing these for about a year now, currently I have 2 pairs and dark-grey demin and acid-bleach grey. They are both quite different, the grey ones are essentially very tight fitting jeans, the fabric has stretch in it (91%cotton, 6% poly, 3& elastane). The acid-bleach are basically leggings with pockets and belt loops, the fabric is a stretchy (64%cotton, 22%poly, 13%viscose, 1%elastine) - these are quite different garments.

    In my opinion, both are amazing, I have warn them alot around town, the acid pair feel amazing and have a very edgy look to them, to be honest I feel incredibly brave being out in these - anyone else get that ? they will get you a few stares. The grey ones are still very tight (and i am sure almost as controversial) but the behave like denim jeans - just tighter.

    Personally I hope Topman keep this range, some years it seems like its on the decline, but they are here now, so folks if you like your denim tight like me… I recommend these to you.

    PS photo of each on me attached the acid ones are with asos boots and white shirt, the grey ones with a charcoal shirt...
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      Thank you for sharing this, Matt!

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    I’ve purchased Hollister extreme skinnies, Topman Spray and Super sprays, Asos Super Spray, VenDettas Super Spray, Nimes Super Sprays.
    I post pics when I get to wear them for first time,except for the Hollister.