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Dodgy looking websites that sell diesel jeans.... are they genuine??

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  • Dodgy looking websites that sell diesel jeans.... are they genuine??

    hi, I've been looking for some diesel thavar sp jogg jeans and i have come across a few websites that are selling diesel jeans really cheap.
    The first website being Charlie Willsey. They seem to have every jean size available in all styles of jeans which i find odd, they have used diesel branded photos in all of the jean ads, the contact info is also vague.
    My question is this, has anyone used them? Or heard of the website? Should i steer clear?

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    Hi Richbeats! Welcome to the forum!

    I would personally stay clear of them. They're selling the new Diesel styles for just a fraction of the price and no authentic places do that. Those prices for Jogg Jeans are definitely too good to be true in my opinion. I also checked the social media links they listed and they don't exist, so they don't have a social media presence even though they state they do. I haven't heard of the site before, but based on that and the prices, combined with stock photos only, I would hazard a guess at them being fakes. Maybe someone else can chime in though.


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        I've ALWAYS been nervous of sites like the one described there, I'd be keen to know from anyones first hand experience too.

        like Lorna said, lack of social media presence is a bit of a red flag for me as well.


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          Thanks for the replies and yes i agree with you both, its unbelievable Diesel haven't done anything about it. I found another website that was basically the same as the one mentioned.

          I'd be really interested in hearing from someone who has purchased anything from them.


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            I think it's hard for the sites to be tracked down, they change domain names, they change actual names, set up under something else etc. and shutting them down or taking action against them can be very hard. Once you shut them down, they usually pop up again as someone new, so it's such a pain. The similar sites you saw which are the same product for the same price are most likely the same company, using multiple domain names. It's scary what people can do online!